Flamenco Show in Seville

Discover the best Flamenco show in Seville during a magical night, which is preceded by a sightseeing tour through the centre of the city where we will visit its two most important plazas: the Plaza de España (Spain Square) and the Plaza de América (American Plaza).
Night tour to Plaza de Espana
We will start by picking you up at your hotel, and from there we will begin our sightseeing tour through some areas of Seville, which at night take on a special, different and captivating colour.

The tour is the most suggestive, since we are going to enter Maria Luisa Park in order to see the charming American Plaza, a monumental complex built for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. In memory of that international event, various pavilions are still standing today. This is the case for the Royal Pavilion, the Mudejar Pavilion and the Renaissance Pavilion, which today have been transformed into interesting museums such as that of Arts and Customs or that of Archaeology.
American Plaza in the night
In another area of Maria Luisa Park, we will visit the spectacular Spain Square, a contemporary of the previous plaza. The Spanish Plaza is one of the most beautiful plazas in the country and also one of the most cinematic locations, since productions such as Lawrence of Arabia or Star Wars: Episode II have been filmed here.
Spanish Square night tour
After these two visits, we will head toward the flamenco show in the Andaluz Palace, considered one of the tablaos most important to flamenco art in Spain. For approximately 90 minutes, we will enjoy the performance of a company of up to 25 artists, including the leading singers, musicians, palmeros and dancers of today.
flamenco show in Seville
In our show, you will have the opportunity to sample the different “palos,” or flamenco styles. Some are more animated, others more sensual, more vibrant or more intimate.
Flamenco art
Check out the differences between the bulerías or soleas. The first are typical of Jerez de la Frontera and are of a very festive character. Everything in the bulerias is happy and bustling, with the clapping of palms and a frenetic pace. However, the soleas are a palo characterized by a single dancer, her figure full of sensuality in every aspect, from her costume to her rhythm to her shoes.
Bulerias and Soleas during the show
You will also have the opportunity to see how a couple dances the typical fandangos, marking their steps with sonorous castanets. Another dancer will show the alegrías, a palo similar to the solea but much faster, more typical of Cadiz.
Tyical fandangos from Cadiz
The sevillanas can’t be missed, which come from the very city we are in and from its neighbour Huelva. Without doubt it is the most popular dance from Andalusia, and the most famous Spanish dance around the world.
Sevillanas dance show in Sevilla
In short, you will enjoy a full and lively repertoire that reaches one of its climaxes with the flamenco representation of part of the opera Carmen. The music that Bizet composed to narrate the history of the Sevillian cigarette girl, Carmen, is adapted to flamenco rhythms, something that obviously couldn’t sound better anywhere else in the world than in this Andalusian tablao.
Opera carmen repesentation
You can also book a dinner to go along with your show, based on tapas or a la carte.

One way or another, the fact is that you will be left fascinated by the art that you have experienced in the tablao. You will be delighted at having attended a first-class show and will certainly take part of the “duende,” or special magic of flamenco, with you.

Flamenco Show