Gibraltar tour from Seville

On a day trip to Gibraltar from Seville, discover the charms of this small British territory. We’ll take a trip about 2.5 hours long to cross the 200 km that separate us from the rocky island in order to get to know this enclave so beloved by Spaniards and Brits alike.
Canyons of Gibraltar
During the guided visit to Gibraltar, we will give you ample information on the history, culture and economy of this 7 square kilometre island, on which about 30,000 people live.

You will understand that what makes this island so special is its geographic location, since it is located close to the Spanish coasts and quite close, just 32 km, to the coast of Morocco. From the point known as Europa Point, we will have a magnificent view of the Algeciras Coast (Spain) and the Rif Mountains in Africa.
Coast of Algecitas and the port
After enjoying this panoramic view, we will continue the guided tour to the Rock by going to the incredible St. Michael´s Cave. This spectacular cave has been transformed into a concert hall, with special acoustics thanks to the presence of impressive stalactites and stalagmites.
San Miguel Caves Caves of St. Michael
In addition, in the environment of St. Michael´s Cave, we will see the most symbolic and famous animals of this British colony: its monkeys. This species is very abundant in these parts and is a great source of pride for the people of Gibraltar, since their traditions say that while there are monkeys on Gibraltar, these lands will continue to be British.
Monkeys of gibraltar
After finishing up our panoramic tour of the island and visiting its most celebrated places, we will have free time downtown in order to do another activity common in Gibraltar: shopping.

The tax regimen here means that taxes are much lower than in Spain, which is reflected in the prices of many of the products, from tobacco or alcohol to jewellery, electronics, cosmetics or perfumes. All of these items and more can be found among the many shops along the city’s pedestrian streets.
Duty free shortplans
Also take the opportunity to get something to taste in any of the numerous bars and restaurants situated near the city’s main street.
Shopping in Gibraltar
We hope that once you are back on the bus and returning to Seville from this day trip to Gibraltar, you will feel as though you have had a wonderful and entertaining day getting to know the treasures this small island has made available to you.