Cadiz and Jerez excursion from Seville

The excursion to Jerez de la Frontera and Cádiz from Seville is an excellent opportunity to discover some of Andalusia’s most representative tastes, aromas and essences. It’s all thanks to a short trip along the road between Seville and these two cities.

In barely an hour and after 80 km, we will arrive from Seville to Jerez de la Frontera. This location is known worldwide for its wines, which we will waste no time in getting to know, since the first stop on our tour is the celebrated González Byass winery, the maker of the legendary Tío Pepe wine.
Gonzalez Byass winery
The history of the González Byass brand dates back to 1835. Since then, endless varieties of wines have been produced in its different bodegas (storage houses where sherry is aged and matured), some as singular as La Concha, designed by Gustave Eiffel in the 19th century.
Visit to the bodega in Jerez
The González Byass bodegas are true museums, because great personalities have passed through here since its creation to more recent times.
Wine in Jerez
Their barrels have been stamped with the signatures of celebrities from around the world, from members of the royal families to great athletes, and including presidents, writers, painters, actors and singers.
Barrels signed by celebrities
During our visit, we will also have the opportunity to get to know the elaboration process of those excellent brews which, before we leave, we will sample and experience in full.
Entrance to the Bodega El Tio Pepe
With the sweet aftertaste of wine in our mouths, we will continue our guided visit by heading toward another emblem of the city. If the Jerez wines are a symbol of this location, then its horses are even more so. Therefore, we will visit the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, where we will see the show “How the Andalusian horses dance,” a beautiful choreography in which riders dressed in the historic dress of the 18th century make their horses dance.
Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art
The dance of the horses of Jerez will impress you, seeing the communion between the riders and their mounts, fruit of the training work that takes place daily.
equestrian Show in Jerez
During our visit, we will also walk through other installations of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in order to get to know this international reference point within the world of horses before leaving Jerez de la Frontera and continuing on to Cadiz.

Cádiz, Gades, the Silver Cup, the legendary Tartessos: by all these names and more has this beautiful city been known. In fact, it is the oldest inhabited city in Spain and Europe, and its origin dates back to the age of the Phoenicians 3,000 years ago. This and other facts will be told to us by our guide during the excursion before leaving us in the centre of the city, where we will have free time before taking a sightseeing tour with some stops in the area.

During that free time, you will be able to get to know the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, where the Town Council is located, and the Cathedral of Santa Cruz, located very close to where we will leave by bus.
guided tour to Cadiz
Cathedral of Cadiz
Take advantage of the time in order to eat some of the typical dishes of Cádiz like the calamari tortilla or the fried fish in any of the city’s restaurants.

You will be able to also visit some of the most important monuments, walk around the Canalejas promenade, through the interior streets of the city, or simple relax before continuing our bus excursion.
Canalejas promenade
Cadiz town Hall
On our bus tour, we will contemplate monuments as important as the Monument to the Constitution of 1812 in the Spanish Plaza, the Wall of San Carlos.
Monument to the Constitution
The Castle of Santa Catalina or Genovés Park, where Christopher Columbus is memorialised.
Genoves Park
We will discover its access bridges, like that of the Constitution or the New Bridge, and we will enjoy one of the exceptional views of the city from the Port of Santa Maria.
New Bridge of Cadiz
And we will see two important beaches: Victoria Beach, considered one of the best urban beaches in Europe, and Caleta Beach, the very beach where a stunning Halle Berry left the sea in the James Bond film “Die Another Day.”
La Caleta beach
Around 16:30 we will finish this excursion to Jerez and Cádiz and return to Seville, where we will arrive in about 90 minutes with the feeling of having enjoyed an intense day, full of memories and unique moments that we hope you have enjoyed on this visit to the province of Cádiz.

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